Sistan’s solution

Sistan brings an efficient solution, combining wind and solar energy, that allows you to achieve a greater energy autonomy, while improving your environmental footprint.


An integrated solution, what is it?

It is a system that integrates several renewable energy sources, complementing each other, e.g. solar energy (mainly in summer and only during the day) and wind energy (mainly in winter, day and night) energy, combined with batteries for storage and a smart management system.

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Your profit

Manage the cost of your energy and save on your electricity bills

Phishing Detect

Your autonomy

Improve your autonomy and secure your energy supply

Smart Scan

Your future

Invest in your company’s future and be an active player in the energy transition

              What do we want to achieve?

Safe and reliable

Maximize self-consumption

Make the most of the energy you are producing.

Increasing energy autonomy

Produce your own energy and reduce your grid dependency.

Reducing CO2emissions

Use electricity from renewable sources.

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Sistan developed their own vertical axes wind
turbine technology

The main advantages of this technology are:

Simplified design

No yaw system, no pitch system and no gearbox


Fully monitored


Fit for more turbulent lower level winds

Less noise pollution

Inaudible at 100m (less than 50dB)

Small wind turbines

Less impact on the landscape, simplified permit procedure

Positive ecological and societal impact

Small foundation and recyclable materials

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How does it work …

Sistan manages your renewable energy project from the initial idea until operational.

1. Analysis

  • Screening your consumption profile and your existing installations, site survey, forecast of your sun and wind potential in order to find the best solution for your business.

2. Project management

  • Administration behind your project: grid connection, introduction of town planning permits, feasability studies, etc.

3. Installation

  • Supervision of the project: delivery, assembly, wiring, commissioning, training etc.

4. Monitoring

  • Remotely monitoring the performance of your installation. Support by our technical team.

5. Maintenance

  • Periodic maintenance of your equipment. The professional care of your system is the guarantee of its safety and its longevity.

6. Recycling – Retrofitting

  • Overhaul, adaptation or recycling of your end-of-life installation. For truly sustainable energy!

Did you know?

Sistan is a region of Old Persia, where the earliest wind turbines were found dating back to the 7th century AD. These were vertical axes windmills. In this arid region they produced energy for pumping water for irrigation. The region might have been dry, but also happens to have abundant winds, nearly always blowing from the same direction.

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